Bang the Box DIY Preschool Activity

Do you have a child who likes to bang? 

Channel that sensory exploration into a learning activity!

I recently had the opportunity to share an activity that helps children channel their desire to explore the sensory action of banging into learning. This simple DIY preschool activity is an easy one to customize for older toddlers and school age kids as well. I share ideas for how to play and learn with this activity for each age group.

Exploring Dinosaur Footprints Activity for Kids

How much do children love dinosaurs!? I don't know about your children, but I think my children engage in pretend play with their toy dinosaurs on a daily basis.

Since dinosaurs are such a great way to get children learning about science and history at an early age, I am excited to share this simple art and science exploration activity that teaches children all about dinosaur tracks, dinosaur footprints (there is a difference) and the best part is the activity is part of a series combining books with learning activities for kids!

Road Trip Tip: Keep the Car Smelling Fresh

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Driving with kids in the car leads to some interesting messes and smells at times. Whether you forget the diaper under the seat, leave a bag of trash, or let the kids have a snack that you were sure would not end up spilled-but did anyway-a vehicle that children ride in can smell funny.

I will be heading out on a Summer road trip with the kids in a few weeks. Spending a lot of time in the car together means I want to keep the car as enjoyable a place to be as possible…for hours on end each day of our road trip!

That means keeping things as clean as I can, and eliminating any annoying odors that can develop. This tip to keep the car smelling fresh is so handy.

(I have a coupon AND a giveaway to share with you too!)


Road Trip Tip: Duct Tape Cleaning Hack

I have been on quite a few road trips with my kids-some alone when my husband had to be away, and some with the car filled to the brim like when we moved from the East coast of the US to the West coast.

All of these times traveling with kids taught me a lot of shortcuts or hacks for keeping the car trip as comfortable and organized as possible. I will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks. 

I get a little overwhelmed when the car starts to become a wreck, so I have a duct tape cleaning hack that gets the kids moving AND cleaning up their space in the car. 

Fun Discovery for Sidewalk Chalk Art

What a simple but FUN discovery for using sidewalk chalk to make really vibrant art outdoors! Preschoolers and toddlers will love the colors and even older school age kids can do really fun blending and drawing. Really cool idea!
Do you have a child who LOVES art? I have a 4 year old like this. She lives for creating! 

She learns best through art projects. (I am so glad I discovered this because we were butting heads, she and I, for a time while trying to do some homeschool preschool lessons.)

We both stumbled into this fun discovery for sidewalk chalk. It's a completely free form art activity great for preschool age and open to the child's creativity. We love it during Summer time, or if you live somewhere where it is nice all year you can do this any day! 

You've seen sidewalk chalk ideas. This one is so cool because the colors of the chalk become more vibrant and the activity is almost like a large-scale oil pastel drawing activity, but with chalk! You only need one item to try it. 

Let me tell you the secret.

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Essential Prep for A Family Road Trip

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Essential Prep for a safe family road trip-and a great deal to take advantage of for keeping your vehicle ready for the miles.As a military family, living far from our relatives, we are often packing up the kids, the dog and the car to visit family. It is always an adventure! I think we are close to road trip experts.                                                                                                                                                                                                        I like to focus on the fun stuff-cool stops, activities for the kids to do in the car, and getting to sit for extended periods of time. (I am a mom, so HAVING to sit down in the car for hours at a time is not seen as a bad thing!)

Preparing for a Summer road trip requires more than just a focus on the fun stuff. There is safety preparation necessary to be sure our vehicle is as safe as possible for our family.

This Summer my husband will not be able to join us on our Summer road trip due to work. I will be the one who has to make sure the car is ready for our miles of road trip travel with the kids.

These 4 tips are helpful for making sure your vehicle is in good working order before you head out on a Family Road Trip. I also found a great deal I want to share with you.

Summer Outdoor Fun, Natural Pest Remedy, and Wonderful Wednesday #129

Welcome to our party!

Last week was the BEST PARTY EVER!

618 posts.

I have to say it again so that it really sinks in...618!!!!
We finally broke through the 600 barrier and way beyond!

4 Money-Saving Tips for Families (and A Way to Give to Those In Need)

4 Money-Saving Tips for Families PLUS a way to give back to those in need! Handy tip for linking giving to charity to purchases we have to make already. Giving is easy then. Lots of options with Giving Assistant.
You do not have to spend a lot of money to give your children a good life and become financially stable. I make it my mission to be as frugal as possible just so I can teach that to my children.

My parents always taught me the “pay yourself first” first concept so we do not become a burden on someone else. Over time, that lesson teaches you to be financially stable and then allows you to help others.

That is really the goal of many of us-to get financially stable and be able to help those in need.
I really believe that my husband and I can provide our children a great life without buying them everything they want. It takes simple tips to save money in order to become financially stable.

Here are 4 simple ways to save money, so you can have extra to help those in need:

This post is sponsored by Giving Assistant for Moms Affiliate. I only review and share products and services that I would use in my home in hopes that it can be helpful for you with your children. Please view my disclosure.

4 Steps to Reduce Laundry Burnout

It is time to take charge of your laundry situation! No more laundry burnout. These 4 easy tips will get us all on track to about getting overwhelmed by the laundry piling up.Laundry. It's a dirty word in mom circles!  Are you overloaded with the amount of laundry you have to do in a week? I have been overwhelmed on more than one occasion with the amount of dirty laundry my household accumulates.  It's time to take charge of your laundry situation! 

Essential Oils Beginner: 5 Simple Ways I Use Essential Oils in My Home

5 really simple tips for using essential oils at home for the essential oils beginner. It can be overwhelming deciding what oils to use where. This is a good place to start.
When I saw many jumping on the essential oils band wagon, I tried to run the other way. I tend to be a skeptic when the crowd builds.

But, the twins sleep horribly. They are up every night for 3-4 hours. (No joke. Every single night.) That makes for a tired mama by about 2pm. Most days I need an afternoon cup of coffee to keep my eyes open. 

I was curious if essential oils could help our family feel more rested, and whether they would help the babies settle in to sleep better at night. 

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9 Yummy Recipes and Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #128

Hey, we've got some exciting news! 

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop has expanded! We are now on 13 blogs. Welcome our two new co-hosts, Kristen of Musings of an Average Mom and Erica of eLeMeNO-P Kids. 

Last week we had such great posts. So many were your favorites that there are 10 features this week!  
Here they are ...