Spell Your Name Hopscotch Game: Active Learning Series

Children learn how to spell their name with large motor movement in a hopscotch-like game that can be played outdoors. Great for preschool or early elementary kids. This active learning series will have awesome resources!
When we combine movement with learning, kids absorb so much. Especially for preschool aged children, when we can get them actively moving their bodies in order to learn new skills, the learning feels like fun. This Spell Your Name Hopscotch Game takes the challenge of spelling and turns it into a fun active learning activity for preschoolers and early elementary-aged children. 

Children really do love learning new skills-we can see that in their natural curiosity. 

The Most Affordable Essential Oils: The Thrifty Twenty

Essential oils can be affordable. Use these 4 tips to save money on essential oils and save the infographic with the most affordable essential oils: 20 oils you can try for under $16 each! Plus save 24% off retail and get freebies for signing up to try Young Living today.
This post contains consultant links. I only review and share products and services that I would use in my home in hopes that it can be helpful for you with your children. Please view my disclosure.

Since I have to keep my household budget in mind as I explore how to use essential oils in my home, I created a go-to list of the most affordable essential oils from Young Living. I call it the Thrifty Twenty. These are the most affordable essential oils you can use in your home.

Essential oils are an investment in your family's health. To get started it takes a little bit of money, but using essential oils in your home does not have to cost a lot overall. 

I am still fairly new to the essential oils world. It is exciting to explore a world of natural wellness. Essential oils are a great way to support a healthy body and live a more natural lifestyle-as much as I can. 

There are simple ways to use oils at home, and spending money wisely is important to me!

Based on our home budget, I set a limit to how much I spend on essential oils in a month. That means I have to be mindful of the cost of the oils that I buy. 

I save money on my essential oil purchases by doing 4 things:

Shaving Cream Indoor Sensory and Gross Motor Activity

Too hot to play outside? Try some gross motor and sensory play indoors! Tips to contain the mess help this activity get the kids moving with some simple sensory play without making a huge mess.When the weather prevents the kids from playing outside, it can be tricky to figure out what to do indoors. I like trying to play indoor games that get my kids moving so they can burn some energy, but the activities need to be safe so we are not injuring ourselves or breaking things inside!

This indoor activity combines shaving cream sensory play with a gross motor movement. I have tips for you so that the mess can be contained, and the experience can be safe and fun. The kids will get to move and play helping them stay occupied and burn some energy even though they are stuck playing indoors.

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Healthy Lifestyle Resources to Become the Best You

Free resources to cook healthy meals and access exercise videos at home. This is a great option for biusy moms looking to fit in a workout, healthy snacks and easy meal planning to become the best version of you!
This post was sponsored by Grokker. I only review and share products and services that I would use in my home in hopes that it can be helpful for you with your children. Please view my disclosure.

Trying to fit in exercise and make healthy choices has been a challenge for me. Juggling 4 kids who all tend to get cranky during dinner prep time has left me choosing convenience and often ordering out more than I like. 

Top that off with the busy life of a mom-which you know can take up your entire day-that often leaves me wondering when and how to fit in workouts and focused meal planning into my day. 

I like to try out ways to workout at home, and simple recipe suggestions that allow me to explore different workouts without having to pay to commit to one class or to attend a gym. That is just not in our budget. Plus, working out at home exposes my kids to exercise too. 

(Great for those moments when everyone is getting a little stir-crazy during the hot Summer months or cold winter months.) 

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #134

Welcome to our party!!!

Have you noticed that bloggers are great teachers?
We are! We teach others how to cook, bake, sew, craft, shop, save money, raise kids. We are teachers. And, one of the biggest areas we cover is teaching others how to blog and make money doing it!

This week's most viewed post is a lesson in making money online - making BIG money on a site that is oh so familiar to all of us - Amazon! Saira Perl shares how she made $45,000 in one year selling on Amazon ... and she gives lots of details so YOU can do it, too!

Cash Back Savings on Back to School Shopping

Back to School shopping for the kids does not have to break the bank. With simple tips and deals that earn you cash back and coupons, you can save money easily and teach your children how to save money and live a frugal lifestyle.
This post contains affiliate links and was sponsored by Shopathome.com. I only review and share products and services that I would use in my home in hopes that it can be helpful for you with your children. Please view my disclosure.

As we prepare for Back to School Season, saving money is a priority of mine. It is a lesson I want to teach my children to value too. 

I remember as a kid, twice a year my mom would take us clothes shopping-before Summer, and before the school year began. It was exciting to sort through my drawers and closet to see what clothes were still able to be worn and which were too small or too worn out. 

My parents were really frugal-to their credit they taught me these values as well. 

Cell Phone Screen Cracked? Repair It Fast!

This post was sponsored by Clear Screen Fix. I only review and share products and services that I would use in my home in hopes that it can be helpful for you with your children. Please view my disclosure.
Kids and today’s technology do not always mix. Phones and tablets get dropped, and they do not always turn out ok after the impact.

I was lucky a few months back. It was my own fault-the kids were not to blame. 

I had my phone in my pocket, leaned over to pick something up off the garage floor and the next moment I heard the impact of my phone on the concrete floor. 

Essential Nursery Gear (for Twins or Single Babies)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine. Please view my disclosure.

We have had single babies and twins, so setting up a nursery multiple times has taught us about what gear is essential for caring for babies. 

As a mom, I have spent a lot of time in my baby's rooms: breastfeeding, changing, rocking and night awakening. 

I spend hours every day (and night) in our babies’ room.

Moving cribs into the best place, setting the rocking chair at the most convenient angle, and placing the baby monitor at the best point to get a good view of baby (or babies) has been done time and again.

Here is a quick tour of our twins' nursery:

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #133

Wow, what a fun party we had last week. More views than ever! Best foods, crafts, tips and ideas, too. And you are here with us this week to party once again! 

So, let's get right down to it. 
Here are the posts that you viewed the most and loved!

Tips and Benefits of Finding Your "Mom Tribe"

Tips from a second-time mom about the importance of finding your own support network or mom tribe. It can be hard to find that tribe to support you, but it is so helpful when you have it!
{Guest Post}

My 19 month old daughter and I wandered down to our local library the other day so she could pick out books that featured Elmo on the cover (her cute new obsession). When we arrived, I noticed a "Baby Story Time" taking place in the kids' section - mamas and their new little babies all in a circle reading books

I was a little taken off guard because I used to know the schedule for every Baby Story Time at every nearby library when my daughter was younger, but we had now graduated to the "Toddler Story Time". 

Nonetheless, there we were, surrounded by a bunch of babies ranging from about 2 months old to 6 months old. 

Being pregnant myself with baby number two and always surrounded by toddler-aged children these days, one would think that I would be interested in watching all of the adorable babies. And don't get me wrong, the babies were all very cute and cuddly - but I was distracted by something else - something that hit me to my core. 

I found myself paying more attention to the new moms and couldn't help but notice their behavior and listen to their conversation

The "Work" of A Mother: Working Mom's Thoughts On Being A Stay-at-Home Mom

A mom who felt like she was failing as a stay-at-home mom shares her thoughts now as a working mom. Do you feel like you are failing as a stay-at-home mom? The grass is always greener on the other side.
{Guest Post}

"Mom, you're silly. Moms don't work." 

This is what my four year old said to me as we were driving in the car one day. We were having a conversation about why the mother of one of her classmate's was not at the event they had scheduled at school that day. She asked where her friend's mom was and I told her that her mother worked. 

It was then that those words fell out of her mouth and landed like a bomb in the middle of my car. I felt my heart hammering in my chest and looked in the rearview mirror. 

I replied, "Of course moms work and it can be difficult to be away from their children or miss special events because they are helping provide for their family." 

She seemed to accept this answer and moved chattering about this and that while I was questioning everything I had ever taught her

Was this my fault for choosing to be a stay-at-home mom? 

Did I not show her enough examples of strong women who worked and took care of their families? 

Better yet, had I not shown her that staying home is actually work

Minion Mania, Delicious Recipes and Wonderful Wednesday #132

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