Free Printable Cleaning and Chore Chart plus DIY Colored Bubbles at Wonderful Wednesday #116

Last week there were fantastic posts linked up and I am so excited to feature 2 that are so valuable for moms with kids. Check out this DIY colored bubble solution and a free printable cleaning and chore chart that you can personalize! 

Plastic Egg Easter and Spring Spelling Game with printables

My oldest is always game for a new learning activity. The other morning he started talking about some CVC rhyming words, so I asked him how to spell the words he was saying. 

He spelled dig, pig and big. Pretty simple words, but it was a short fun way to build his confidence as a speller-it is so exciting to have a reader and speller! 

This activity is a fun one for practicing a bit more complex spelling with Easter words for early elementary school age children. It is a build-a-word game that fits right in with a Spring and Easter theme. 

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Here is what you need:

Infant Activity & Cupcake Liner Crafts in the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #115

Welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday!

I am featuring an activity for babies and a collection of cupcake liner crafts this week PLUS the rest of the features are included below. I am so thrilled with how many posts were shared last week! 

Did you link-up? Tell me in the comments which posts you linked up (title or number) and I will pin them! I want to share your posts as much as I can. 

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Easter Egg Alphabet Order Game for Preschool

There are so many activities for using plastic Easter eggs! Are you on over-load? This one is unique and engages more than just the intellect. You can use this activity as a gross motor game too! I like getting my kids moving and learning since they have loads of energy. 

Spread this activity out on the floor and give it a try. You need two supplies to try it-and I bet you have them in your house right now!

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7 Muffin Recipes in the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #114

Last week's party was amazing! 
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I found a gem from Thrifty Momma's Tips. She shared 7 muffin recipes-we love muffins in the morning! These ideas look yummy! 

7 Favorite Crock Pot Recipes & Freezer Storage Tip

These crock pot recipes are so easy, freeze really well, and they are loved by my kids as well. Plus check out this food storage tip to reduce cost and waste.

Crock pot or Slow Cooker, whatever you call it, it is essential to an organized mom! (Ok, there are some who may be able to make a home-cooked meal from scratch every night because they are just THAT GOOD at this mom/wife thing, but I need the crock pot!) 

Even before the twins were born, I started using the crockpot more regularly and doubling my recipes so I could have meals stored in the freezer for after their birth. That was essential..and still is! 

I found a few favorite recipes that I want to share with you that double easily, freeze really well (in fact they taste better after frozen) and they are versatile so you can use the leftovers in new ways so no one gets bored

I also have a simple freezer storage tip to reduce the use of plastic zip-top bags which saves us money.

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Chicken Pasta Recipe in the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #113

Welcome to our party! 
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Last week we had lots of participation with over 410+ posts shared. Wow!

Thanks for stopping by! I am excited to feature a recipe this week. 

Chicken and Red Pepper Pasta Skillet with Spinach shared by Premeditated Leftovers. Yum!

Learning to Count with Play Dough Activity for Preschool

Use play dough to create a simple counting puzzle for preschoolers to learn counting and number recognition. This is so easy and there are 2 other play dough learning activities linked!
We have created a few unique learning activities with play dough in our house. It is fun because I like finding new ways to use up our homemade play dough before it is tossed away in the trash. 

It takes a little effort to make play dough, but is so inexpensive and a great sensory and fine motor tool for play for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

Let me tell you about this newest counting puzzle activity and then I will share the links for the other two play dough ideas so you can see how easy they are to create too.

I have a picture for each step in this homemade play dough puzzle so it is easy to follow.

Here goes-

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