Sewing Tips for Kids and Wonderful Wednesday #125

Have you ever wanted to find some advice for how to teach your child to sew? My 4 year old has been asking me to teach her, but I was a bit cautious because we don't have big windows of time to focus on intense activities with all the activity in our house. Toddlers getting into needles and thread...yikes! 

This list of tips shared at last week's Wonderful Wednesday blog hop will help! 

2 Healthy Snack Recipes That Kids Will Eat

I mentioned to you in my post 10+ Tips for Teaching Picky Eaters to Eat Healthy Foods that I was invited to attend a blogger seminar on picky eaters recently. At the seminar we learned a few new recipes that are healthy and appealing to kids-that can be rare in my house!

I want to share a couple of the recipes that I altered a bit to be more appealing to my kids. I am sharing a recipe for Broccoli Bites and Healthy Chocolate Pudding/Fruit Dip. Yum! These recipes are great for adults too.

100+ Popular Toddler Activities

This list of easy to set up, inexpensive activities for toddlers is a huge resource for parents of toddlers!

I absolutely love this age because learning happens so fast, but the endless energy can lead my toddlers to explore in all the wrong places. These 100+ activities for toddlers cover your children from 13 months to 3 years old...and almost all can be done with preschoolers too!

2 Free Printables: Household Cleaning List and DIY Fishing Game at Wonderful Wednesday #124

You all shared 570 posts last week!  That is an all-time record.

I found a lot of favorites and pinned a bunch to Pinterest. Here are two great ideas for moms with kids!

You will want to check out this DIY fishing game for kids with free printable fish. 

10+ Tips for Teaching Picky Eaters to Eat Healthy Foods

Are you tired of dinner time being a battle field with your picky eaters?

You put in effort to plan meals, shop for the healthiest ingredients that you can, and prepare a meal for your family just to have a child or children look at it like it is poop on a plate. 

I recently had the chance to learn a few new tips at a picky eaters informational event here in San Diego. It was a great opportunity to learn so I could share with you!

I have 5 new tips (for each age group) to keep in mind if your children are picky eaters, shared by a pediatrician. The tips are specific for infants, toddlers and preschool kids. PLUS, there are some smart ideas for getting healthy foods into the hands of your child.

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Cloth Napkin Sensory Bin for Babies

Simple baby play activities are a nice way to introduce sensory exploration and language to infants. 

(PLUS, as moms, it gives us a feeling of actually teaching our infants and engaging with them.)

Infants often dislike tummy time, but giving them different simple toys to play with can enhance their tummy time experience and keep them playing (getting stronger) longer. 

Try this one!
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Summer Fun with Kids and Wonderful Wednesday #123

It's the 123rd edition of the 
Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop 
and we are so glad you're here!

I have been outside today with the kids doing some planting in pots. Although the twins were trying their hardest to dig out what I was trying to plant, I had success. I love Spring! 

We are well into nice weather in many areas and I am enjoying all of your Spring and Summer posts. There are always such good links to check out each week.  Here are my favorites from last week as we start to plan for Summer PLUS your favorites and this week's link up!

Essential Summer Gear for Outdoor Fun with Kids

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It’s so nice to get the kids outdoors in the Summer, but it is not easy to drag along heavy gear to keep the whole family comfortable. When we do get to the park or beach, I like to make sure we can spend as much time as possible after all the work it takes to plan, pack up and get there.

I've tried a go-to list of gear to keep us comfortable. Many tents get too hot inside to really give us a break from the sun, and I have to have a product that I can set up on my own. Nothing bulky will work when I have to keep kids together walking from the car to the beach.

I have found a solution to this problem!